Fly a Kite - table topper pattern

I've logged a lot of hours using a drafting triangle.  The kind with 30, 60 and a 90 degree angle.  This triangle became the inspiration for my Table Topper pattern, "Fly a Kite". 

I have a round coffee table, and I thought I should make a topper reversible to get double duty and have different color ways on each side.  The result was Fly a Kite. Here it is on our Moroccan coffee table ... and again on a white board showing the second side.


Jaye said...

Like the table topper. The colors and design made me think that the quilt on the table was the entire piece. The two fit together well.

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Quilt Rat said...

Did you know that your settings have you as a "no-reply"blogger? I could not reply to your comment on my blog :-(

I am so glad to see that you are continuing to visit. Best of luck to you in the draw

Quilt Rat said...

Hi Jain.....since I don't have your email address I am responding here
thanks for your comment

Okay....well it was either that or shave my head and sell flowers at the airport.

I know you have been a follower since the very know that I don't generally say unflattering things...this just doesn't sit well with me. I have no problem with someone developing a cool way to reach lots of individuals, to protect what they have worked for, to make a buck.....BUT ....really....this book can CHANGE your life!!!!..

I me a skeptic. :-) ....but don't call me a Zentangler. LOL!!!!